Personal Loans

Planning to upgrade your kitchen or take a family holiday? Maybe you need help covering the costs of your education or a big family wedding? A personal loan is a flexible and convenient solution for those bigger, one-off purchases. We can help you achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality. Call us now or apply online below for fast approval and competitive rates.

We have a wide range of personal loans to ensure we meet your requirements and objectives. Our personal loans could also help you save money by consolidating existing loans into one new loan at a lower rate. No more high credit card rates, just one new low rate loan. If you want to reduce your monthly outgoings and increase your financial certainty in the future, a personal loan could be the perfect choice for you.

Before you apply please have the following details to hand:

  • Your drivers license
  • Your home, work and mobile phone numbers
  • Details of your current & previous credit
  • Your financial details – income and outgoings (rent or mortgage payments, other loans and credit card etc)