Who is UFS and what's it all about?

UFS is a company that provides finance to Australians and permanent residents looking for car loans, boat loans, personal loans – all kinds of loans. We're about helping Australians achieve their goals and dreams by offering our customers a broad range of products at competitive interest rates, unrivalled personalised service and a commitment you can trust.

Are you about all loans, or just car loans?

We do car loans, caravan loans, bike loans, personal loans, as well as leasing & hire purchase and insurance. Thinking loans, think UFS.

What else do you do?

We assist you. For example, if you are buying a car privately and want to ensure the vendor actually owns the car, or if you are curious as to whether your favoured vehicle is being offered at the right price. Contact us – we can assist you with so much more than just loans.

If I apply online, is my privacy protected?

Absolutely. We take privacy very seriously at UFS; see our Privacy Policy.

Can anyone apply for a loan?

Yes, if you are over 18yrs and are working full-time! We check all our application forms very thoroughly and if there is a problem we will contact you. In the meantime, simply apply and we can go from there together.

How do I apply?

You can apply online in only 6 easy steps, or simply print off the PDF application form, fill it in at your leisure and fax or post it back to us. Alternatively, just call us on 1300 837 000.

Does the government publish any information about car loans?

Yes, you can visit ASIC's website called MoneySmart which provides financial tips and safety checks. To assist you make a good financial decision, ASIC have published a Car Loan Factsheet. Read more...

How do I contact you?

Phone, fax, email or post! Contact us today.